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Total Automation & Control

You can fiddle as much as you want or let everything run on autopilot.
Your choice...

  • Automatic Inbox Cleanup System

    Our automatic inbox cleanup system works 24/7 to keep your inbox clean from old emails. If you’re the kind of person that likes to tweak everything, you can set how long to keep emails. On the other hand, if you just want the hands-off approach, you can just leave it on default for maximum autopilot.

  • Swap Catchalls Instantly

    If you’ve used your catchalls for a while, it might be a good idea to get some new ones. This is a feature directly integrated in your dashboard. Just select catchalls you no longer want and you will instantly get brand new ones. And don’t worry, we don’t automatically shut down old ones so you have plenty time to replace them in your tools.

  • Manually Delete Emails

    There are many times when you will want to completely wipe out all emails in a catchall. Or sometimes you want to wipe all but the ones that arrived within last 48h. Luckily for you, you can do this from your dashboard with just 1 click.

  • Instantly Get Inbox Size

    If you want to know how much emails you’re receiving on a per-catchall basis, we got you covered. Meassure the performance of different catchalls or campaigns easily.

  • Works With Any Tool

    As long as it supports pop3 email access, it’s going to work. GSA SER, Senuke, FCS Networker and many more

  • Unlimited Email Accounts (Aliases)

    One catchall gives you the ability to create as many disposable emails as you want! You will never have to buy another email again.

A short one which will clear all doubts
I used this with Kw Ocean and GSA Ser, over 70k links built via my VPS and the VPM was a suprising one.

I never saw the rate going by incrementation of 30% but with SEOSpartan service, it climed to the peak.
The Support is fantastic throughout the phase and OP was eager to solve queries too.
A must recommended 5 on 5 Rating Service.


Wanted to mention that @Hinkys let me try out one of these catchalls a couple of weeks ago and I've been running it for a while with great results.

This is the perfect service for people who don't want to screw around with cpanel or the backend of a server to setup a catchall email address.

Sign up, receive your emails, drop them in SER and you're good to go.


Choose Your Package





Unique catchalls 1 3 5 10
Total inbox space 300mb 900mb 1.5gb 3gb
Swap email accounts? 1 / month 3 / month 5 / month 10 / month
LPM (Recommended) 0-50 50-150 150-250 250-500
Max threads (Recommended) 100 300 500 1000
UNLIMITED Projects & Servers
Blazing Speed
Lifetime Money Guarantee
Whitelisting of IPs (on demand)
€6.5 / Month €15 / Month €21 / Month €35 / Month

Or If You Are A Power User...





Unique catchalls 20 30 40 50
Total inbox space 6gb 9gb 12gb 15gb
Swap email accounts? 20 / month 30 / month 40 / month 50 / month
LPM (Recommended) 500-750 750-1000 1000-1250 1250-1500
Max threads (Recommended) 2000 3000 4000 5000
UNLIMITED Projects & Servers
Blazing Speed
Lifetime Money Guarantee
Whitelisting of IPs (on demand)
€65 / Month €85 / Month €99 / Month €109 / Month

*LPM & Max Threads - These are just references for optimum GSA SER performance. And it's mostly targeted at people who would like to run 1 email on multiple 400+ LPM servers.

Sure you can do this but you will start hitting that 300mb limit really fast. Not only will your SER performance suffer but any emails you receive while your inbox is full get bounced!

Yes the automatic inbox cleanup system and large inbox space mean that you will have to push SER really hard to max out a single inbox but be smart. When using emails on multiple servers OR when running SER really fast, spread it out over multiple catchalls and you will be fine.

Or If You Just Want To Test It Out...

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I was lucky enough to get a review copy and having done various tests with it, blasting new domains, swapped email accounts from old projects, over a few hours of submitting/verifying, the tests show that they are still good.

From the pricing on it looks pretty decent. I think everyone has been struggling with Hotmail/Outlook accounts this past month, but my provider was keen to refund and replace the bad email accounts (now running OK), I do see the benefit of paying a monthly fee for these catchalls. Yes they will go down, I bet, but there are x amount of replacements per month depending on your package. Even though I dislike monthly payments, the way that I've been paying for email accounts this year is sporadic but I buy thousands at a time and it's difficult to stay on track of what accounts still work - I have more than 700 projects running and would love SER to be able to do a bulk email test but it doesn't, I know the error message would let me know but with multiple servers it's a ball-ache....which is why Hinkeys' catchalls would make it easier.

The cleanup feature is cool too. Without emails, SER isn't gonna work so we kinda need to get this part of the setup nailed.

Email goes down, get it changed. Pay a small fee per month. Simple really. Definitely got a new customer over here.

(Kinda wish you'd do proxies as well, as they are the only thorn in my SER setting at the moment)


I've been using seospartans for a while now, and i can tell you for sure that the quality of the accounts are amazing! It is truly more than worth it!

I've been using several catchall services before, and here's the features i never get elsewhere:

- I don't need to check the 'Time to wait between login' in option.
- I don't need to access my control panel to delete any spam in my account's inbox, its done automatically.
- I don't need to limit my thread setting, because even with the bronze package, i still have a lot until i reach the maximum suggested.
- I don't need to worry about the successful rates mainly based by the 3 things above, and the other is because my VpM only increasing after i use seospartan's catchall email accounts!

Well i know that the things i've listed above maybe a little bit subjective, and maybe different for someone else who has hundred or more projects running.. But you really need to try seospartan, it will helps you that much, so you can focus your mind and never worry about email again.

And you can contact John anytime, he will respond to your queries, while it  isn't the fastest response, still it never get more than a day to get a reply, and in term of price and service, that is quite acceptable. It's rarely needed though, because the service is running smooth most of the time.

Try it, you will get the most for what you spent 😀